Pilot Training

Fulfilling a dream
hhelicopters4hire.com offer UK wide locations at which you can being your flying training with a trial flying lesson. This can be a one-off experience or the first lesson towards the hours required to gain a Private Pilot's Licence. We offer a selection of trial lessons to accommodate all needs.

PPL Training
helicopters4hire.com gives you with the skills, credentials and confidence you need to achieve your Private Pilots (Helicopters) License.

The training school is split into two parts –

The Flight Training
The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and JAR (Joint Aviation Regulations) set out clear requirements for a flight-training course. Firstly, that it must include a minimum of 45 hours of flight training all of which is supervised by a qualified / registered helicopter instructor. Of those hours at least:

  • 35 hours must be dual instruction
  • 10 hours of solo flight (pilot in command)

Flying Schedule

Flying lessons are scheduled for morning or afternoon sessions. These take the form of approximately one to two hours of actual flying, with the remainder devoted to pre and post flight briefings, and flight start up and shut down procedures. helicopters4hire.com is open seven days a week throughout the year and is open until late during the summer season. We do tailor your course to meet your schedule, so if the working week is not suitable for you, then the weekends are available. Current weather conditions dictate all flying. If it is unsuitable, we will contact you right away to re-schedule your programme. Likewise, business commitments and illness can also impose on your flight training. Please endeavour to contact us well in advance so we can re-organise our own flight schedule.

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