Pilot Training

Fulfilling a dream
helicopters4hire.com offer UK wide locations at which you can being your flying training with a trial flying lesson. This can be a one-off experience or the first lesson towards the hours required to gain a Private Pilot's Licence. We offer a selection of trial lessons to accommodate all needs.

PPL Training
helicopters4hire.com gives you with the skills, credentials and confidence you need to achieve your Private Pilots (Helicopters) License.

The training school is split into two parts –

The Ground School
You will study in a relaxed classroom environment, where your instructor will cover six specific subjects on a one-to-one basis.

  1. Aviation Law - the Highway Code of flying
  2. Meteorology - an essential part of flight preparation
  3. Navigation - theoretical preparation for cross country flying
  4. Human Performance - an introduction to the physiological aspects of flying, including the dangers of alcohol and medication, flying with colds etc.
  5. Technical overview of the Helicopter - a better awareness of the aircraft
  6. Flight Planning & Performance

Your instructor will manage all aspects of the ground school syllabus and in addition, you will learn about Radio Telephony (R/T) procedures. The list of subjects may at first, appear overwhelming, but your instructor will break it down into a logical format and will be able to coach you to examination standard. There will be a multiple choice examination for each subject.

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